2nd Annual
Cedar City Scavenger Hunt

A Treasure Hunt for EVERYONE

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What is it?

At its core, the Annual Stash the Cash (previously known as Grifols Geocash) is a community treasure hunt in the form of a scavenger hunt. Over the course of two weeks, we will encourage the community to search our wonderful city in the hopes of finding the treasure that is hidden and rewarding the finders with a load of cash.

Who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned treasure hunt?

Local Treasures

While this is a treasure hunt, our goal is to build strong relationships between the community and local businesses. Sure, finding treasure is fun and rewarding, but the REAL goal is to support local businesses in Iron County.

Our participating sponsors will be offering what we call a “Local Treasure.” Think of the starving student card that our local schools give out—it’s kind of like that. During the event, you’ll be encouraged to wear the official shirt into the participating business, where they would offer a special deal or discount on a product or service. The offer is only valid for those wearing the official shirt. In turn, they are giving back to the community and supporting our local nonprofit organization Canyon Creek Services.

Hold up, local non-profit???

You read that correctly. The heart and soul of this treasure hunt is to raise awareness and support Canyon Creek Services. All profits from shirt sales and sponsorships will be donated to CCS in order to support the essential services they provide to our community.

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When does the event start?

The Stash the Cash event starts July 11th, the Monday after the July Jamboree ends. The first week of the event will focus on the first 3 small treasures. The second week will focus on the grand treasure. The Local Treasures promotion will last until the end of August OR until each business decides to end their own Local Treasure promotion.

Where can I find the clues?

They will be posted on the official Stash the Cash Facebook and Instagram pages as well as Canyon Creek Services and Polarity Design Team‘s social media. Clues for the small treasures will be posted at 9:30am and 3:00pm. Clues for the grand treasure will be posted at 9:30am.

Are treasures hidden inside?

No treasure will be found inside OR around local businesses or buildings, However, our “Local Treasures” are discounts and giveaways supporting businesses are offering to participants,

What do I do when I find the treasure?

Take a selfie with your treasure at the location where you found it, tag @ccstashthecash, and post it on social media. You will then call Grifols center at (435) 867-8554 and they will meet you at the treasure location with your PRIZE!

Where can I get my official shirt?

Official Geocash shirts will be sold for $10. At the July Jamboree (July 9 from 4-10pm on Main Street) you can buy your shirt at the Grifols booth.

Over the course of the event itself (July 11-until event ends), you can get your shirt at Polarity Design Team (2002 N Main Street Suite 4, Cedar City), OR the first 100 to donate plasma 2x at Grifols.

These shirts will give you the opportunity to not only participate in the Local Treasures from sponsors, but to also double down on the treasure’s rewards. That’s right, if you find the treasure while wearing an official shirt, you get double the reward!

What are the Treasures?

We will be hiding 3 small treasures and 1 grand treasure. The first week of the event is focused on the 3 small treasures, with the second week focusing on the grand treasure.

Our 3 small treasures are worth $150 each if you find them, and if you are wearing your official Stash the Cash shirt this is doubled to $300. Our grand treasure is worth $1,000!! This means you could win up to $2,000 if you find it while wearing your Stash the Cash shirt!

Event Boundaries

We expanded the limits of this year’s event. Search far and wide for the treasures and maybe you will get lucky!

While you search please remember that no treasure will be on private land and to not disturb local/commercial property. Be respectful and happy hunting!

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